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Regular Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal is an Integral Part of Renton, WA Home Maintenance

Roof cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your existing roof and ensuring that you don’t face premature roof replacement. Many homeowners will use a moss prevention product on their roof, which is a great idea in the first few years before any moss or algae has begun to grow. However, once these types of biology are at all visible on your roof, it’s time to begin having your roof cleaned and moss removal performed routinely. 

Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal

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It first needs to be said, that if anyone shows up offering to clean your roof with their pressure washer, DO NOT allow that person to touch your home. They are not with a professional roof cleaning company. Thousands of roofing systems are ruined every year because of improper cleaning. Directly pressure washing your roof is the fastest path to needing a new roof altogether. Although pressure washers are involved in proper roof cleaning, they are only used to propel the water to where it needs to reach, not to add force to the water as it meets the roof. 

When cleaning a roof, there is only one way to do it correctly; this process is known as a “Softwash”. The process is mostly the same for different brands of roofing shingles and ensures that the shingles are not damaged during the cleaning. At Adaptive Roofing, we are constantly checking back to ensure that the process we use for cleaning is in line with manufacturers’ recommendations and that we are only using the approved solutions for roof treatment. There are a number of different ingredients in asphalt composite roofing shingles today, and using an unapproved moss killer or prevention product can have some unintended and harmful consequences to the integrity of your roof, the least of which is voiding whatever warranty the manufacturer would have offered. Make sure your regular roof cleaning is done correctly! 


No! We cannot emphasize enough how bad it is for your roof to pressure wash it directly. To prevent roof damage, contact us for a free estimate today. We service Renton, WA, King County, and surrounding areas.

Yes, we are licensed and insured to repair, replace, and perform other services on roofs and are your best option for Renton roof cleaners.

We specialize in services ranging from minor roof repairs (replacing missing shingles, correcting exterior water damage, inspecting metal roofs, gutter cleaning, and more) all the way up through new roof construction or roof replacements. We also promise to provide quality service and excellent return on investment. For more information, contact us today.

Our services all follow the same process, which includes customers being assigned a single project manager who will work with them on their property from start to finish. When you hire Adaptive Roofing, you will know what to expect at all times. For more information about this process, see the above information.

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