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Quality workmanship and clear, timely communication are the pillars of our business.


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Founded by Sean and Marina Sternberg, Adaptive Roofing is well-known locally for its roof replacement process and family-oriented approach to consultation. The company was founded on the principles of Lean Manufacturing with the idea of eliminating waste within the traditional roof replacement process by improving the approach to sales and project management.

Adaptive Roofing is disrupting the roofing industry by offering the only roof replacement process without a salesperson. Instead, a Project Manager is assigned to each project and manages it from start to finish. Customers love Adaptive Roofing for the clear and factual communication that comes from working with a real industry professional who isn’t paid on commission.

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Having worked in construction for over a decade, Sean observed that homeowners in Washington did not have access to the opportunity to purchase a roofing system designed specifically around what is important to them, so Marina and Sean decided to open a company that would offer any shingle, any quality, and any price to every customer, where the only thing that didn’t change from project to project was the standard of quality. 


Roofing needs to be done right the first time.


The same project manager will work with you from the very beginning until your project is complete.

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Marina Sternberg

Owner & Chief Administrator

Coming from an entrepreneurial family in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Marina grew up riding around with her father while he marketed the electrical installation products he had invented to distributors. However, Marina’s passion for the organizational side of business led her to study Film Production rather than engineering and she built a well-respected media outlet for the film industry in Brasil. Everything you see from Adaptive Roofing online has come from Marina’s desk, and all of our customers can attest to Marina’s attentiveness in managing the financials of their project.                                                                                                      During her downtime, Marina loves hanging out with her son Dominic, catching up with her family back in Brazil, pampering their pets Mona, Bee, and Leo, and binge-watching movies and TV shows.

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Sean Sternberg

Owner & General Manager

After working for several companies and After working for several roofing companies, Sean noticed the same problems in all of them, and came up with the Single-Contact model that Adaptive Roofing is based on. At Adaptive Roofing clients have one consistent point of contact for their entire project, so they never get lost between departments and always know who to call. Clear Communication, Educating without Selling, and Pricing Transparency are the values Sean brings to every project.                                                                                                      In his free time, Sean enjoys go-karting, chess, reading roofing installation specifications (this is not a joke), and taking his son, Dominic, on hikes and road trips alongside Marina and their dog, Mona.

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