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Protecting Your Roof Assets

Every roof needs something different. A roof that does not have any signs of failure may only need a proactive moss treatment, whereas one with missing shingles may need extensive repairs or a complete replacement.

Roof Inspection

Have a professional inspection performed to detect problems before they damage your home.


Information on roofing can be confusing when everyone is saying something different. We're here to answer your questions without trying to pitch you a product.

Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof is usually a time-sensitive matter and our famous roof replacement process takes the stress out of re-roofing.

Roof Repair

Emergencies, patching, storm damage, ridge cap replacement, you name it! We’ll figure out what’s going on and fix it.

Roof Cleaning

Cleaning a roof is not about keeping it looking clean, that’s just a nice benefit! Every roof must be cleaned regularly, or moss, algae, and lichen will destroy it.


Gutters are frustrating to maintain, and can cause major problems with your roof. We redesign gutter systems to make sure they are working with your roof, not against it.


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Committed to excellence

Adaptive Roofing is disrupting the roofing industry by offering the only roof replacement process without a salesperson. Instead, a Project Manager is assigned to each project and manages it from start to finish. Customers love Adaptive Roofing for the clear and factual communication that comes from working with a real industry professional who isn’t paid on commission.
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Quality materials, Quality experience. Every Time.

Adaptive Roofing was founded by Sean and Marina Sternberg on the famous principles of Lean Manufacturing. The Adaptive Roofing business model is centered around eliminating waste within the traditional roof replacement process by improving the approach to sales and project management. Having worked in construction for over a decade, Sean observed that homeowners in Washington did not have access to the opportunity to purchase a roofing system designed specifically around what is important to them, so Marina and Sean decided to open a company that would offer any shingle, any quality, and any price to every customer, where the only thing that didn’t change from project to project was the standard of quality.

The key to our process is that every phase is handled by the same project manager assigned to meet with you when you first make an appointment. At no point are our clients “handed off” between departments.

The Adaptive Roofing process is:

An aerial view of Adaptive Roofing workers on a rooftop.
Adaptive Roofing goes above and beyong for our clients


What we do
for our clients:

We offer complete and partial roof replacement services for residential homeowners. For more information, visit our Roof Replacement page

When replacing gutters systems, we will also make improvements to the design to prevent water from damaging other parts of your home. For more information, visit our Gutter Services page

From minor fixes to larger overhauls, we can repair it and provide an assessment of what to expect in the future. For more information, visit  Roof Repairs

We perform a non-damaging, highly effective cleaning process for all types of roofing. For more information, visit  Roof Cleaning

As seen on King 5 News

Adaptive Roofing and Local Businesses Gift West Seattle Veterans Center a New Roof

In a heartwarming act of generosity, Adaptive Roofing and a group of compassionate local businesses have come together to present American Legion Post 160 in West Seattle with a brand-new roof. This touching gesture is set to protect and shelter those in need, making the community a better place

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MAD Energy NW is a group of top talent from several leading solar and electrical firms bringing over 30 years of combined market expertise and success. The MAD Energy NW team designed, managed, and installed many of Washington’s most noteworthy solar projects and certified Net Zero solar arrays. They specialize in Design-Build Solar for homes and businesses and new construction, as well as Electrical service, remodel, and renovation projects for homes and businesses.

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